Real Estate Consultancy

ABCL Rich Pvt. Ltd., Real Estate Consulting & Services, is a vertically integrated full service real estate management firm that successfully provides comprehensive property and falcilty management services to public and private sector clients. With our depth of experience, roles, and responsibilities, we can easily adjust to meet any need or situation that might occur in any project where responsiveness and flexibility are vitally important.

ABCL Rich Pvt. Ltd. provides a multidisciplinary approach to ensure all of our clients’ needs are not only met, but also exceeded. Our projects team’s extensive experience working on a variety of projects, coupled with a commitment to quality and superior customer service, will result in efficient delivery of services to any organization whether large or small, public or private. We have the passion and commitment to complete any project to the highest standards – and to the complete satisfaction of our clients – all within schedule and budget.